SWGMC presents Legends

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In July 2016, the South Wales Gay M


en’s Chorus began fundraising for us, and invited us to hold a collection at the SWGMC Presents: Legends.


We didn’t know what to expect on the night. We knew they had a huge following, they are an award winning choir after all, but would people know who we are? And would they want to donate? 

They asked us whether a few of our members wanted to speak during the interval, and everyone there decided to go up on stage together to say a few words. 

Well, us volunteers were in tears. To hear from the young people the impact the group has had on them, how much they value having the space to be themselves, and how it has helped them to grow was just amazing. And we were clearly not the only ones impacted.  

From a packed Sherman theatre, over £600 was raised! Imcredibly valuable funds which go towards making sure we have space to meet, we can do the activities our members want us to do, and excitingly, so we can have a fully qualified youth worker, to offer the support our members need! 

Another HUGE thank you to SWGMC – You are amazing!